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Why SiteWit?

Why SiteWit? Why Engagement Marketing?

As a website owner you are familiar with the concept of analytics. Through your analytics package you can determine bounce rates for your landing pages and keywords, visit duration, and page views plus many other things. However, these measures don’t clearly explain website engagement. What is driving long, deep, repeat, visits? What is driving visitors to bookmark the website or share it through email?

What is Engagement?

Simply put, engagement is a measure of how deep and impactful are a visitor’s interactions with a website. Our Engagement Index SWei is an index that gets computed for every single visit that takes into account this current visit interactions, past interactions, brand awareness, conversions and much more. No other analytics tool provides these measures automatically to inform you at a glance and without any work on your side about the deep and complex ways in which your visitors interact with your site over their life cycle of visits.
Engagement Funnel

Why is Engagement Important?

More than 95% of the traffic to a website doesn’t convert. Furthermore, in most instances, conversions don’t happen on the website itself. A visitor might end up calling, or showing up at your physical location, or emailing you, or contacting you on Facebook, or on Twitter. The way customers communicate with you is fragmented and becoming more so every day.
However, all your clients and prospects have one thing in common. They do their homework on your website. Almost all purchase research is done online. Interested users come to your site, bookmark it, email it to themselves, spend long visits on the site, come more frequently over a short period of time, or come to your website directly.
That is engagement, and that is what SiteWit computes to make sense of 100% of the traffic, not just the 3% that converts.

the engagement of

  1. Landing pages
  2. Keywords
  3. Campaigns
  4. Ads


  1. Direct your SEO efforts to the most engaging keywords
  2. Discover content that needs work
  3. A/B test landing pages
  4. Rank your organic keywords

with confidence

  1. Bid campaigns to maximize your budget
  2. Discover great keywords
  3. Find and add negative keywords
  4. A/B Test your ads

Measures of Engagement Automatically Computed for you

Engagement Screenshot

Represents the interaction a visitor has with the site over the lifecycle of visits, providing an understanding of what content and marketing is really relevant and engaging to your visitors without having to rely on conversions alone.


Unique visitors that have been to your site at least twice. This is the lowest level of engagement but it shows that there was enough interest to come back to your site a second time.


Those users that came to your site and had a deep visit while they were there. A deep visit means they either had a high number of page views while on your site, spent a significant amount of time on a page, or both.


Visitors who have come back a second time directly to your site, through a bookmark, social media link, email, or a bookmark app (like evernote or del.ici.ous). This is the most important type of engagement.


Fans are just like people who follow sports teams closely. These people have visited your site a significant amount of times in the past 30 days.

Engagement metrics computed by

Landing Pages

Fix low engaging pages and model new ones based on high engagement

Organic Keywords

Direct your SEO efforts to highly engaging keywords and don’t waste time on bad keywords


Focus your link building on the properties that provide high quality traffic

Geographical Regions

Build geographical friendly SEO pages to gain traffic from highly engaging regions


Allocate your budget wisely early on with confidence


Automatically bid and discover keywords


Automatically A/B test ads based on engagement and not only Click Through Rates and Conversions
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