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SiteWit Partner Program | Learn More
“Adwords is just too complex for most of our customers. SiteWit is a great value added service. It’s easy and effective. It helps out customers get targeted pay-per-click traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing – something they all need.”
– Arvand Sebetain, Founder and CEO Arvixe
Listed on Inc Magazine’s 30 under 30 in 2013!

SiteWit Partner Program

The SiteWit channel partner program for Web Hosts and Ecommerce platforms has many benefits for both you and your customers. As the Internet matures and becomes more competitive a partnership. SiteWit allows you to differentiate your service and be more successful.

Web Hosting Partner Program

Web hosts can easily integrate and offer SiteWit through our cPanel Plugin, a Parallels / Plesk Plugin (coming soon) or custom control panel API.(SiteWit API 2.0 Documentation and JavaScript implementation guide)

Benefits for Site Owners: Benefits for Web Hosts
  • Single Click Automated Account Creation
  • Auto Insertion JavaScript Tracking Pixel
  • Improved User Experience
  • Free Website Analytics
  • Quality Paid Search Traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook
  • Rev Share
  • Lower Churn
  • Sell More Websites
  • Increased Profits
  • Easy integration

Ecommerce Partner Program

Ecommerce platform providers enjoy all the benefits listed above plus enhanced feature functionality providing their merchants with advanced Paid Search functionality never before possible without time consuming manual human ad campaign management.

Automated Benefits for Store Owners:
  • All the above plus
  • Goal Configuration
  • Long Tail Product Specific Search Terms
  • Campaign Creation Based on Products and Product Categories
  • Dynamic Landing Page Configuration Based on Product Categories
  • Bidding to Maximize Conversions Based on ROI
  • Import and Optimize Existing Campaigns
  • Stop Campaigns for out of inventory products

The Opportunity

All of your customers want and need traffic to succeed online. Google Adwords is so complex that it’s beyond the skill set of most small businesses.  The complexity increases dramatically when you run campaigns on Google, Bing, Yahoo and FaceBook.   Agencies who manage Google Adwords charge high fees and require budgets too high for most SMBs.   Google’s Panda, Payday, Penguin, Caffeine, and Hummingbird updates have made manipulating search results though SEO more difficult than ever before.

Churn is a huge problem facing our industry.  The average churn rate for shared hosting providers is 30%.  Customers churn primarily because they don’t see value in their website – they aren’t getting calls, leads or traffic to their website.

The Solution

The 50% of US businesses who still aren’t online are the Taco Stands, Dry Cleaners, Plumbers, Window Washers and Electrician.  They can no longer afford to ignore the Internet due to the changing habits of consumers.  Yellow pages are dead.  Over 50% of consumers now use smart cell phones and most use their phones and desktop computers to find businesses.

Paid Search Advertising for these types of businesses works really well because it’s not yet very competitive. SiteWit solves this problem for both you and your customers by making paid search easy and effective.

SiteWit is the only DIY tool that automates Search Engine Marketing.  Our platform provides:
  • Keyword analysis and recommendations
  • Automated a/b testing
  • Automated keyword bidding
  • Landing page recommendations
  • Campaign recommendations
  • Quality score optimization
  • Detailed analytics and website traffic reporting
  • Dedicated account managers to help fine tune paid search-marketing campaigns across Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Hosting Platforms

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Very excited to launch with WooCommerce and help all of the Woo merchants advertise their stores on Google!…

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