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SiteWit 101

Under the Hood

SiteWit is unique in the world of Search Engine or Paid Search marketing tools

It’s like having a team of math whizzes and data analysts working for you 24/7 to gather data, review, test and optimize your campaign on a daily basis. Only better. (The truth is no group of humans could replicate the sophisticated technology and algorithms SiteWit puts to work for you.)

Best of all, even with all that powerful technology under the hood, SiteWit is easy to drive and maintain. All you need to know is your own business. To get started, you answer a few simple questions. SiteWit then automatically structures your paid search campaign and our powerful analytics engine optimizes it daily.

The key here is daily. SiteWit runs your paid search and website traffic data through up to 60,000 complex, self-educating algorithms on a daily basis. The more data we collect, the better your campaign performs. Before SiteWit, only the Fortune 100 had access to this type of technology. SiteWit is bringing it to the rest of us - what we like to call the “Fortune 1,000,000”.

Maximize Visitor Engagement

Other paid search tools look at performance based only on a SINGLE user visit. If Sally visits your website today and then comes back next week, she would be counted as two different visitors.

SiteWit, however, measures how a single visitor interacts with your website – how many times they visited, how they got there, how long they stayed, what pages they visited, etc – across all of their visits. We call this the Engagement Index.

An Engagement Index score is assigned to every visitor – the higher the score, the more likely they are to buy. The Engagement Index is automatically factored into SiteWit’s algorithms, helping you better understand who is more likely to stay and buy.

SiteWit categorizes website traffic based on four levels of engagement:

SiteWit categorizes website traffic based on
four levels of engagement:

Unique visitors that have been to your site at least twice. This is the lowest level of engagement but it shows that there was enough interest to come back to your site a second time.


Those users that came to your site and had a deep visit while they were there. A deep visit means they either had a high number of page views while on your site, spent a significant amount of time on a page, or both.


Visitors who have come back a second time directly to your site, through a bookmark, social media link, email, or a bookmark app (like Evernote or del.ici.ous). This is the most important type of engagement.


Fans are just like people who follow sports teams closely. These people have visited your site a significant amount of times in the past 30 days.

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