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Paid Search 101


Paid Search Marketing goes by many names: Pay Per Click (PPC), Cost Per Click (CPC), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or even Google AdWords. With paid search, you buy “keywords” (the words customers enter into search engines when they look for your products) and create ads your customers will see when they enter these keywords.

Paid search

(done right!)

puts your business in front of just the
right customers, just when they’re ready
to buy.

Paid Search and Your Business

You wouldn’t build a great store, fill it with outstanding products and not let customers know you’re there. Online, your website is on a street of millions. Unless customers have your exact address, they’ll almost certainly be sent elsewhere when they search for your product.

The Advantages of Paid Search

With paid search, you “buy” (bid on) the exact words you want your ads to show up for on Internet searches. You can also see exact data on how many people clicked your ads, who they were and how they got to your website to help you optimize your ads and attract the most customers for your ad dollar. It is by far the fastest, most cost effective way to drive traffic to your website online.

Options for Creating Your Campaign

You can set up campaigns individually on search engines like Google or Bing yourself, but to be effective, you need to understand the ins and outs and research the right keywords to drive traffic. Monitoring performance, bidding and optimizing your campaign can consume a lot of time. And no matter how much time you spend, as a small business, you won’t have access to the kind of sophisticated analytics that can drive traffic and optimize results.

SiteWit’s comprehensive “Do-it-for-you” tool removes the barriers that face small businesses – limited budgets, time and resources. There’s no long-term commitment. You can get started for free. And our easy-to-use, intuitive marketing tool takes minutes to set up and uses sophisticated technology to optimize results on an ongoing basis. The only thing you need to know is your business and customers in order to start using paid search right away to generate traffic and increase your revenue.

Agencies that specialize in paid search often require up-front or monthly investments that can consume your budget on fees vs. driving traffic. Many ask for a long-term commitment and your investment may or may not get results.

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