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A Brain For Your Website

Do your landing pages engage your website visitors? What landing pages are working well? Which landing pages need work? What pages are hidden gems that you should work on?
a Brain for your Visitors

A Brain For Your Visitors

See how many visitors become:
  • Repeat
  • Researchers
  • Prospects
  • Fans
Understand your visitors through ALL their visits, not just their last!

A Brain For Your Marketing

  • Maximize the impact of your marketing budget
  • See which landing pages are working well
  • Optimize keywords and ads effortlessly
  • Improve your website content and landing pages
a Brain for your Marketing
a Brain for your Keywords

A Brain For Your Keywords

  • Discover relevant keywords for your website
  • Determine which landing pages are working well
  • Identify keywords that engage visitors
  • Automatically detect keywords that waste time and marketing efforts

A Brain For Your Ads

  • Realize pages containing good content to be marketed online
  • Build relevant ads you can easily modify to save you time
  • Optimize keywords and ads effortlessly
  • Automatically A/B test your ads and messaging, discovering the key to visitor engagement
a Brain for your Ads
a Brain for your Bids

A Brain For Your Bids

  • Evolutionary optimization algorithms maximize engagement and conversions
  • Keywords are automatically bid daily to squeeze the most out of your budget
  • In order to do this you would need a Ph.D and spend a year crunching numbers… we do it daily for all campaigns.

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