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SiteWit Campaigns for Ecwid

Market your store and products on Google in 5 minutes

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Why SiteWit for Ecwid?

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Most purchase decisions start with a search Land people searching on Google for your products and maximize conversions Show up on their search or the traffic will go to your competitors!

How much does it cost?

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  • Build an entire ad campaigns based on your inventory in as little as 5 minutes
  • Fully optimized bidding to maximize your monthly budget
  • Your products and product categories show up in Google
  • Automated campaign management reacts to your inventory changes

How does it work?

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Generate your ads and keywords right away and you will immediately start driving traffic to your website

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We use the conversion and website traffic to adjust bids daily and get the most sales out of your marketing budget

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As you change your inventory, we automatically change the campaign for you with a simple click of a mouse


"I would like to share how great it has been working with Karl! He always goes above and beyond to ensure our campaigns are fully optimized. I can't say enough good things about how helpful he has been with everything from keyword research to campaign management."
Jason Turner - Marketing Director,
That's Us Technologies


Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you are free to cancel your campaign at any time. We work month to month with no contracts to help you use your budget efficiently. If you want to cancel, simply log into your SiteWit account and cancel your campaign before the 30-day billing charge to stop any further payments.

Why does SiteWit charge a fee?

SiteWit charges a small flat monthly for continually building, maintaining and optimizing your marketing campaign on a daily basis. Our fee also helps us build new functionality and improve the platform that enables us to make you more successful in your marketing efforts.

How does the marketing budget work?

After you purchase a paid search marketing campaign, your marketing budget goes straight to Google to allow you to receive clicks on your ads. With SiteWit, what you see is what you get, if you purchase the $100 package, $100 is your budget to receive clicks. SiteWit charges a small flat monthly fee for continually optimizing and maintaining your campaign.

Can I select what products and services to market?

Yes, we import your online inventory and then split up your products/ services into categories. You can choose to include all of your categories in your marketing campaign or just a few. The choice is yours.

Very excited to launch our new Google Shopping product with @ecwid and @Google! Read more about our new partnership right here:…

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