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"Sitewit: Optimizing Your PPC Marketing Needs" Blog Post by Tampa Bay WaVE

Sitewit, Tampa Bay Wave, Tampa Bay Technology Forum coolTECH 2012Our friends over at Tampa Bay WaVE have written a blog post about us and our participation in Tampa Bay Tech Forum’s Cooltech 2012 event happening June 22nd at the Tampa Bay Convention Center. Take a quick read below or see the full post here!

“79 Days to the RNC!

SiteWit is a genius analytics engine to improve the searchability of any website. It was the brainchild of board member Ricardo Lasa (CEO) and Chief Scientist Donald Berndt Ph. D. The beauty of SiteWit is that anyone can use it. Whether you are a one man working on his first business, or a seasoned professional, SiteWit has tools that cater to you with their SMB and Enterprise products.

In a technical sense, SiteWit uses data mining and traffic quality scoring running on Google AdWords and Microsoft Adcenter platforms. It automates many of the arduous tasks involved in managing a pay-per-click campaign making it easy to use.

The idea came about after Ricardo and Donald had been working many years with search engine marketing and realizing that there was a need for a smart, automated, and easy-to-use tool for advertisers that was relatively inexpensive. This led to the finalized version of their patent-pending analytics engine which centers on automation.

They say, “Let the machine do the work for you.” With the engine complete and ready to rock, Sitewit was born and began helping search engine marketers manage and optimize their campaigns. Sitewit has since moved into the small business arena as well and now even a lone proprietor has the ability to advertise on the major search engines with confidence and ease.

SiteWit has big plans for the future in their journey to become the number one paid search campaign management tool. They are planning for improvements to their analytics engine itself, revamping their website, expanding their team, and taking on partnerships.

We couldn’t be prouder of SiteWit and all of it accomplishments and we are so happy to have such an outgoing CEO as a component of our advisory board.

Want to check out SiteWit and meet this talented founder?

SiteWit is just one of many of Tampa Bay WaVE’s members who will be exhibiting their new technologies and cutting-edge innovations at TBTF’s coolTECH event June 22nd at the Tampa Convention Center.”

Three Design Patterns That Help Drive a Successful Online Community/Social Network.

We’ve all seen communities that look great but have little to no interaction happening between the members of the site. This can be a little disappointing when looking for an active community to be part of. A site that looks dead may scare away potential users from ever registering. Here are three design patterns that can help boost activity in your community and help promote it’s liveliness.

Activity Stream
An activity stream is an aggregated list of activities highlighting a single users actions or a collection of users actions from your contact or “friends” list. Activity streams can promote engagement in your community by keeping users informed as to current happenings. They can show users what actions are possible as well as show you what everyone else is doing. It’s interesting to note that websites like Facebook keep only positive actions in their activity stream. For example you can “like” something but you can not dislike it. Adding a friends is a positive activity show in your stream but removing someone does not because this could be considered a negative action. The best example of an activity stream is the Facebook “News Feed”.

You can reward users for reaching or completing certain goals in the community. These rewards or achievements can be displayed for other users to see. This is great to use when you would like to focus your users attention on parts of your product our service that might not otherwise appeal to them. A great use of achievements are the badges earned in the mobile application, Foursquare. The more you explore and “check-in” to place the more badges you receive. Check out Foursquare to see badges in action.

Completeness Meter
This is a graphical or numerical driver that pushes the user to complete a desired goal, like completing a form or a filling in the rest of their profile information. Use this when the user wants to complete a goal but needs guidance in when it is reached and how the user might reach it. Another is the feedback loop. As the user completes sub-tasks, his or her progress moves towards 100% . A great example of a completeness meter is seen in the main dashboard of your Linked In profile.

To find out more about design patterns in web development, check out the Yahoo Developers Network and UI Patterns.