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Online Marketing Made Easy For Online Merchants

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Building a beautiful online store is one of the last steps in becoming an online merchant, and it is definitely one of the most exciting. After getting everything else set up, they are finally ready to take their products live and start receiving orders. It can be frustrating, however, to see that the number of visitors is not as high as initially expected. SiteWit and Ecwid have partnered to give online merchants the chance to advertise all their products and categories online to get them in front of potential customers that are already looking for their products! 

SiteWit’s new app on the Ecwid App Market lets online merchants build a campaign in just a matter of minutes. They are able to select what products and categories they want to advertise, and we build smart ads that will get their products and categories in front of the right people. Our engine will fully automate their marketing campaign to make sure they are getting the most out of their marketing budget! Our engine will automatically pause ads for out-of-stock inventory, resume ads for inventory back in stock, and ensure that their budget is distributed more efficiently.

Store owners on Ecwid will be able to:

  • Advertise their store, products, and categories on a major search platform: Their ads will appear on the first page of search results.
  • Reach the right customers: We choose the best keywords and build effective ads that will drive more qualified customers to their store.
  • Save time: Store owners can save hours per week by allowing us to fully automate their marketing campaign.
  • Get the most out of their marketing budget: We run about 50,000 mathematical algorithms that surface the campaign’s best performing keywords to get the best visitors for the store owner’s marketing budget.  

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About Ecwid
Ecwid was founded in 2009 to enable small businesses to easily add online stores to their existing sites. It is now the world’s most popular ‘add-on store builder’ for small businesses.

Read more our partnership on Small Business Trends here

Our New Mobile App is Here!

It’s a big day here at SiteWit. Our mobile app is now available for iOS and Android!

3 - KeywordsOur team is always looking for ways to improve our products and come up with new tools that will help you get new customers while you focus on growing your business. Small business owners like yourself tend to have very busy schedules and are always on the go. You may not always have time to sit down and check on your campaigns, which is why we are bringing your campaigns right to your smartphone.

Our new mobile app provides an easy and effective way to keep track of your online marketing directly from your smartphone. You can view your website stats, see your best performing keywords, and monitor your spend in just 5 minutes! You will be able to:

–      Keep track of your online marketing campaigns
–      See unique visitor stats for your website
–      View your best performing keywords
–      Check how many people clicked on your ad
–      View your CPC, CPA, and campaign performance
–      Monitor your monthly spend


  • Download the mobile app for iOS or Android here
  • Enter the verification code provided on the screen into the mobile app within the hour.
  • Choose and confirm your own PIN code.
  • Choose the account you want to manage.
  • Manage your marketing on the go!

Keep track of your online marketing with ease  – anytime, anywhere.

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Congratulations to our team for all their hard work!

Magic Pixel Dust: SiteWit's Tracking Pixel v3

sitewit tracking code

Our Tracking Pixel Was Redesigned For Future Services/Feature Integration

Our tracking pixel is that little gem that clients install on their websites so we can track what visitors are doing on a client’s site. These analytics are based around user engagement and will let clients see different metrics based on how visitors are interacting with their site. This way, clients can see what is and isn’t working on their site and can make better decisions as to how create a better experience for the user and more profitable for themselves.

Smarter Technology Means Better Performance

SiteWit is expanding and will soon be offering new services and features such as the Trade Desk Retargeting and SiteWit Connect. The new version of the pixel was designed to work seamlessly with these new products without the need to re-install it each time a customer purchases a new service. This new version will be again be a one-time install when they open an account, make it easier for our clients to use our multiple services, and provide analytics specific to each feature.

On future posts, we will talk more in detail about the new services we will offer and how they will help create the complete marketing package for any website. If you don’t have a SiteWit account, what are you waiting for?

Go to to open an account now!

Congratulations, You Have Just Unlocked An Achievement: The SiteWit Game

sitewit paid search

SiteWit Introduces New Way to Engage Clients

At SiteWit, we’re here to provide you with valuable analytics and help you drive more traffic to your site through paid search. But let’s be honest, paid search can sometimes be boring stuff. So we’ve decided to add a kind of game element to our system to make it more fun. We’ve integrated with Badgeville, a gamification platform that encourages users to complete tasks within their SiteWit account, therefore keeping them engaged with our services. Our software benefits from client input and we feel this new system will give them a reason to do so.

Paid Search Game

It works in the same as unlocking an achievement or leveling up a character in a video game. Clients are given a tasks to complete within their account. This includes installing our analytics code, building/purchasing a campaign, and many other “missions.” Once they are completed, a client is awarded a certain number of points for a mission accomplished. After a certain number of points are accumulated, they are rewarded with distinctive achievements. The more achievements a client earns, the more involved they are with their account. And the more they’re involved with their account, the better it will perform.

PPC Into A Game

This is especially true if they have purchased a paid search campaign. In one of our previous posts, we talked about our new keyword ratings that allows clients to rate keyword suggestions provided by our engine. It only takes 5 minutes to rate keywords and we recommend that clients rate these keywords on a daily basis. This new gamification system will hopefully encourage our clients to do so. A client will come in and do their daily keyword ratings, be sent to the review page when they’re done, and they’ll receive an achievement that will be added to their profile! We get our clients involved, the client earns an achievement, and their campaigns will be better off for it. Everyone wins in the SiteWit game!

Start earning points now. Go to to open your account today!

If You Must Go: SiteWit's New Cancellation Process

Paid Search and SiteWit

We hate saying goodbye to our paid search clients.

Luckily goodbye doesn’t have to be forever! With that said, we’ve gone through and reworked our cancellation process so we can get get a better idea of why a client cancels and also make it easier for them to come back if they decide they’d like to restart their campaign.

When a client decides that they’d like to cancel their campaign, they will be sent to our new cancellation page. We now have a 10-star rating where the client can let us know how likely they are to recommend us to friends or colleagues.

Paid Search cancellation

Next, a client will be asked why they are cancelling. From a drop-down menu, they will be able to choose from multiple reasons which will give us further insight into why this campaign was not working for the client. From not receiving enough clicks to a client simply changing their website, they’re input here will help us determine the most common reasons clients cancel.

After that, they will be asked to rate on a 1-5 scale other parts of our service such as our keyword suggestions, the ease of dashboard navigability, and technical support. Finally, we have an area for the client to tell us in their own words why they are cancelling.

Paid Search cancel

Once the cancellation goes through, the client will no longer be billed for that campaign. The campaign itself will run until it uses up whatever spend is left in the account and then it is stopped.

Sometimes the reasons for cancellation might not have to do with our services at all. As it was mentioned above, a client might be changing their website or they might not be able to afford to continue the campaign at that time. We felt it was important to give our clients the option to come back without having to start from scratch. This is why we’ve now made it possible for a client to revive their campaign(s) at any time after cancellation. We simply hold the campaign within the account and with a couple of clicks they can restart the campaign and it will continue exactly from where it left off. The client is charged their predetermined monthly spend to allow the campaign to start again and billing resumes as usual.

We’ve made it simple to get out, but it’s even easier to start. Sign up at

SiteWit Raises $1.5 Million Series A Round


(TAMPA, FL) SiteWit Corporation (“SiteWit”) which automates search engine marketing and website engagements for Small Business announced today that SiteWit has raised over $1,500,000 in new equity capital from investors including Stage 1 Investors (“Stage 1”) through Jon Gordon, Managing Director of Stage 1.

SiteWit provides small to medium sized businesses with tools that enable them to efficiently market their websites themselves on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Yahoo which result in higher conversion ratios of website visitors to customers and sales growth. SiteWit markets their tools exclusively thru a cadre of large hosting and software as a service partners who focus website building software and also partners who create marketplaces for the SMB market.

“I believe SiteWit has a unique opportunity to grow tremendously by helping small and medium sized businesses worldwide significantly increase revenues”, says Jon Gordon.

“We are pleased with the capital commitment and confidence expressed by Stage 1 Investors and our other recent investors,” stated Ricardo Lasa, CEO of SiteWit. “With these investments and our focus on the SME market we have the ability to become the leader in this space”.

SiteWit will use the proceeds of the round to develop distribution channels with existing partners such as Yola website builder and others. Furthermore, proceeds will be used to further develop social media and small business lead generation products.

About SiteWit
SiteWit allows thousands of Small Business owners to market their websites efficiently on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and other online platforms themselves, with no prior knowledge of online marketing required. SiteWit uses optimization technology to maximize the marketing return on investment and conversions, leading to better marketing results. SiteWit offer seamless integration with hosting and website software companies such as Yola, Endurance International, Wix, WordPress, Weebly and many others.

SiteWit. Be Smart. Be Found!

What's New At SiteWit? – Promo Codes

SiteWit Promo Codes for Paid Search

Today marks the beginning of a new blog series called “What’s New at SiteWit?”

We will be updating this new series every two weeks or so. Our goal is to keep you updated with all of the new features we release. We like to keep you guys involved.

After finishing our most recent development sprint (see: scrum development), we have instituted the ability to produce, apply and track the use of promo codes within SiteWit. This will work in a few ways. First, it will work in conjunction with our partnerships, allowing our partners’ clients to try SiteWit DIY online marketing at a discount. This will allow for more people to try search engine marketing who may have been reluctant to try it in the past (or just may have had bad results doing so on their own).

SiteWit helps users to maximize their search budgets and advertise online with confidence by leveraging our automated management and optimization tools. Gone are the days of micro-managing your campaign(s) and maintaining them daily to keep performance up. With SiteWit, your campaigns will inherit an effective strategy for success right from the beginning. Secondly, we will begin to offer promo codes to existing clients to pass on to their family, friends, business partners, acquaintances…whoever! We know that if you end up loving SiteWit, they will too!

There are plenty of exciting new products and features coming through the SiteWit pipeline.

Stay tuned for our next installment of What’s New at SiteWit when we discuss our new SiteWit Auto product that is currently underway.

If you have any suggestions for new features, please send them our way. At the end of the day, it is really all about you, the user!

Sitewit Press Release: New Software Adds A Brain To Any Website

We released a press release that introduces Sitewit 3 and our new Engagement Metrics. The full press release is below:

New Software Adds A Brain To Any Website

Sitewit introduces its new Engagement Metrics, a set of analytics that makes any website smarter.

Sitewit Engagement Metrics ReleaseTAMPA, FL – Sitewit, a leader in website analytics and pay-per-click (PPC) optimization, is raising IQ levels with the release of Sitewit 3. The new platform revolves around Engagement Metrics, a set of smart analytics that uses advanced algorithms to compute a Sitewit Engagement Index (SWei) score for every part of a company’s website based on visitor engagement. In simpler terms, it gives a website a brain. This is the only set of analytics that provides these measures automatically, right out-of-the-box as a simple java code snippet or WordPress plugin, and can be used by companies of any size.

My goal is to be the number one analytics and pay-per-click optimization company in the world. I believe Engagement Metrics will get us there. With our smart engine, price point, and ease of accessibility…there’s no stopping us,” states Ricardo Lasa, CEO of Sitewit. Most analytics today simply don’t give enough answers, making for a dumb website. Many “informed decisions” on improving website performance are made based on the approximately 5% of site visitors that accomplish something on a website or, in web lingo, convert (i.e. buy, sign up, download, etc.). Engagement Metrics takes those and the other 95% of site visitors and their actions into account, putting the “website performance” puzzle back together using all of the pieces. With a complete picture, website owners can tell what parts of their website are engaging visitors, driving conversions, and which parts need improvement.

Engagement metrics helped Jamal, the owner of a carpet cleaning business based out of Washington, D.C., make better decisions on how to improve his website. His site’s newfound brain let him know what organic keywords and pages on his website were driving the most engagement from his visitors (not just the most hits). Overall, he has seen an improvement of approximately 50% in leads and sales through his website, all thanks to Sitewit and their Engagement Metrics.

If you’d like to learn more, please visit Find them on Facebook at and Twitter at

About Sitewit: Sitewit is a leading engagement analytics and digital marketing platform for Small Businesses (SMBs). It offers Engagement Metrics to help website owners make better decisions and automatically optimize their marketing campaigns on Google, Bing, and display. Sitewit uses its own patent-pending big data analytics engine and evolutionary algorithms to measure engagement, predict conversions, and optimize paid search campaigns. For more information, visit

Automating Tasks In The Cloud When The GUI Is Down

Cloud Computing GUI

My Cloud web interface is down, what do I do?

One key to operating in the cloud is being able to automate tasks and get things done when the GUI or the web interface you normally use is down. If you are using Amazon’s AWS, then one of the ways you can do this is by using their CLI tools. Setting these tools up on a windows machine can seem daunting, but it can actually be done in a couple of minutes using the simplified instruction below:

  1. Download and install Java Runtime Environment 6. You can get it here.
  2. Download and unzip the tools. You can get them here.
  3. Copy the contents you just extracted to C:\AWS. You should now have a “bin” folder directly under C:\AWS.
  4. Create a folder called “Keys” under C:\AWS.
  5. You now need to generate an x.509 certificate and download both the cert and the private key to C:\AWS\Keys.
    a. To generate a x.509 cert:
    i. Log into AWS
    ii. Click the drop down arrow next to your name
    iii. Click “Security”
    iv. Scroll down to Access Credentials and select x.509 certificates
    v. Generate a new cert
    1. If you already have 2 certs then you will need to either inactivate one of them or track down the files
    2. Make sure you download the Private Key when it asks you to because you cannot download it again, but you can download the cert as many times as you like.
  6. Setup System Variables. Right click “Computer” in the start menu and select “Properties”. Click “Advanced System Properties” and then click the “Environment Variables” button at the bottom of the popup. Make sure to add these to the “System Variables”.
    a. EC2_CERT = C:\AWS\Keys\YourCertFileName.pem
    b. EC2_HOME = C:\AWS
    c. EC2_PRIVATE_KEY = C:\AWS\Keys\YourPrivateKeyFileName.pem
    d. JAVA_HOME = C:\Program Files\Java\jre6
    e. Optional PATH = C:\AWS\BIN
    f. Leave the popup open as we will need it again shortly
  7. You should now be able to execute some AWS CLI commands
  8. Open and command prompt and go to C:\AWS\BIN
  9. Type C:\AWS\BIN\ec2-describe-regions and press “Enter”
    a. You should see a list of regions and their URLS
    b. Find yours and copy the URL for example US East 1 is
  10. Setup one more System Variable
    a. EC2_URL =
  11. You should now be able to run all of the EC2 commands
    a. Try typing C:\AWS\BIN\ec2-describe-instances and pressing “Enter”

There is also an API and SDK you can use if you’re programmatically inclined. But this can get you up and running quickly and allow you to put together some scripts or batch files that will fill the gap while you develop a more customized and robust solution. In a future blog post we will cover automating tasks through batch files and scheduled tasks. While these are not ideal solutions, they will work in a pinch and for a large percentage of users will be more than adequate.

Utilizing Personas to Maximize Business Intelligence

Sitewit is more than just PPC Management

If I were to ask you what sort of business SiteWit was in and you said Pay-Per-Click management, you’d be close but not quite right. SiteWit is an analytics company first and foremost. Even our most basic small business solutions, which focus only on advertising and not click tracking, benefit from our data intensive analysis of bidding and keywords. But our click and goal tracking solutions are truly analytical marvels. Sure, it allows us to optimize your campaigns return on investment across several different vectors, but it doesn’t end there.

SiteWit Enterprise offers the ability to pass an identifier to our tracking script. Not every website uses identifiers but you’d be surprised at how many do, perhaps even yours. If your site has a login system, then you’re all set. But any site with a contact or checkout form that requests an email address could also use that information to assign an identifier to the current user. You may be wondering, “But what happens when a visitor comes back later and doesn’t login or they clear their cookies?” The technical answer is quite long and complicated, but the short answer is SiteWit uses a number of clues we call “Fingerprints” to figure out who the visitor most likely is. This stickiness will let us attribute behavior to users across sessions and even machines.

To implement this, you simply need to let us know who the user is as soon as you know who they are. You do this by adding one line of code to your tracking script. You will likely need to add this from the server side once you have an I.D. If you or your developers need help, please feel free to contact us. Here is what the tracking code should look like:

Sitewit Persona Code

SiteWit uses behavioral and predictive analytics to constantly score and predict a user’s likeliness to complete a particular goal. For each goal, our models divides users up in groups called: Loyal (those who completed the goal as expected), Prospects (those we expect[ed] to complete the goal), One-hit-wonders (those who defied the prediction and completed anyways), and Zombies (those who show no promise of completing the goal). Please take the time and read more about our prediction groupings.

Once you have some data you can use our visitor reports to find out which actual users are likely to complete another (or the same) goal. From the Visitors —> Reports section of SiteWit for Enterprise, you’ll see the report shown below:

Sitewit Predictive Analytics Reports

  • A. First select the goal you want to report on.
  • B. Select if you want to see those who did complete the goal by setting the segment to Loyal, One-Hit-Wonder or Prospects (those who are likely to complete it in the future)
  • C. This shows those leads with the ID you assigned them, as well as vital visiting statistics.
  • D. If you weren’t able to assign the user an ID, they still show up but with a unique identifier that we assign to them.

We feel Prospects have the most value since you most likely already know who completed the goal, but are probably in the dark as to who are your highest potential leads.

This is just the beginning. Now you may want to start setting up goals that don’t directly impact ROI, such as “Support.” For example, you could set up a goal on a support form and our system can learn what behaviors led to that goal. You can then use the goal prediction engine to identify potentially frustrated customers who are looking for answers but have yet to reach out. Here’s a suggestion: When you contact goal prospects, try to avoid the “creep factor” by implying that you know their behavior or intent. Instead, keep these kind of contacts non-personal when offering a tip-over-into-conversion promotional offer or targeted tip-over. That way, they are viewed as serendipitous surprises rather than uninvited medaling.

We look forward to hearing what you do with this powerful tool. Feel free to leave your results in the comments below.