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Customer Highlight

Happy Small Business Week!


We love small business week because it’s a great opportunity to celebrate all the small businesses that use our platform. Our goal has always been to make online marketing easier for small businesses and get them one step closer to their goal. It’s been great seeing how our users have achieved online success.

Over the years, our team has tried to help small businesses around the world by giving them a chance to:

  • Advertise on Google
    Small businesses get their website found on search engines by potential customers. They get in front of them when they are most interested, as they are searching for their offerings.
  • Advertise their business on Facebook and hundreds of major websites
    SiteWit helps businesses advertise on Facebook, CNN, ESPN, New York Times and hundreds of other websites. We generate banner ads for their business and show them in front of current and new customers. They visit their website and voila, they see the ads as they surf the web.
  • Generate leads right from their website
    Small business can offer coupons to their visitors as they enter or leave the website. It lets visitors contact them through SMS, phone, and email from every page on their website. Users can follow up with them and close more sales from their mobile phone, on the go, seamlessly.
  • Understand their website visitors
    Our unique analytics help them better understand their website visitors to make better decisions regarding their online marketing strategy. Businesses can learn where visitors are coming from, what marketing efforts are working best, and how they are interacting with their site.
  • Manage their marketing on the go
    Kliken lets businesses manage their online marketing and sales from the convenience of their mobile phone, from any where, at any time. They can keep track of their campaigns, view popular keywords, get back to leads, and schedule follow-ups on the go.

We hope we can keep helping many more small businesses in the years to come.

Cheers to all!

Customer Highlight: Junk Call

Learning about our users has been such a wonderful headerexperience! We have been learning about their goals and needs, which has helped us improve our products to make sure we help them grow their business.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Junk Call, a hauling company located in California that specializes in junk removal, hauling and moving.

“Junk Call will pick up anything, big or small. We offer commercial and residential clean outs, backyard debris, and so much more!”

Junk Call offers a wide variety of services, such as commercial, residential, office liquidation, demolition clean up, and building tear down. They have been in business for many years, and have been under new management for the last five. They make junk removal very easy, customers call them to get a quote, they schedule an appointment, and their junk is picked up and removed. They have always come out on top, with many satisfied customers.

“Through the years, we have been through a major recession and several other business problems, only to come out on top with satisfied customers. We have the reviews on Yelp and Home Advisors to prove it.

Junk Call wanted to get in front of potential customers that were looking for a service that would pick up and remove their junk. They decided that advertising on Google through SiteWit was the best way to market their business online.

junk-removal-low-priceThrough the trials and tribulations of finding a company’s destiny in the advertising world Junk Call has found this to be best for the dollar for advertising.”

Junk Call targets property managers, real estate brokers and private parties in Orange County, California that are interested in junk removal. Through search marketing, Junk Call is looking to find new customers and grow their business.

When asked about SiteWit, this is what they had to say, “SiteWit has organized a PPC campaign for me. They get me ranked on Google everyday to be seen by potential customers. SiteWit has been able to keep a steady stream of phone calls to Junk Call. They are quick to help with changes to my campaign if needed.”

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Customer Highlight: Silver Harbor Havanese

Over the past few months, we have been getting to know our users a bit better. It helps us better understand their needs so we can give them the absolute best experience. Their insight helps us improve our products to make sure we help them reach their goals faster.

577567_357654657667756_1750317690_nThis past week we got to know a bit more about Silver Harbor Havanese, a family home Havenese breeder with over 20 years of experience. They strive to produce happy, healthy, and high quality pet Havanese. They work hard to raise these puppies in their family home and believe that everything they do today makes a difference in the dog’s life later.

“I have more than 20 years of experience working with and loving dogs. When I was introduced to the Havanese breed I was totally smitten and bought 2 beautiful females home. Later I added an adorable male and the rest is history.”

Aside from breeding high quality Havanese, they also own and operate Silver Harbor Pet Service since 2007. Their pet services include, but are not limited to, basic training, daily walks, feeding, playing with pets, grooming, and clean-up.

10623807_633603973406155_7222242681729343301_oSilver Harbor Havanese is looking to reach more people interested in the Havanese breed by covering more advertising and marketing areas. They chose to do search marketing to gain higher online exposure and reach people in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan that were interested in getting a Havanese puppy. Silver Harbor Havanese wants to share their love for the Havanese breed with people who are searching for a quality bred, intelligent puppy.

I want to continue building my business as a reputable business providing quality pets for companionship and love.”

When asked about their experience with SiteWit so far, they had the following to say,

“We are very happy with SiteWit. They offer a lot of expertise and helpfulness.”

Thank you Silver Harbor Havenese for giving us the chance to get to know a bit more about your business and your goals. We will continue to work very hard to help you reach your goals!

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Customer Highlight: G&K Fitness Medics

The holidays are a great time to thank all our customers for their business. We have learned a lot from them, and it’s been exciting and very insightful.

G&K Fitness MedicsWe recently got to know G&K Fitness Medics, a fitness equipment sales and service provider to both residential and commercial markets. They opened their doors to Peoria, Illinois and the surrounding areas in 2012.

Ever since they opened their doors, G&K Fitness Medics has been helping people by guiding them in choosing the right fitness equipment, directing them on how to repair their equipment, and giving them tips to motivate them into living a healthy lifestyle. They recently had a website redesign and wanted to achieve a greater web presence.

“With more and more people turning to the Internet to find what they need, it is an absolute must for a business to have a web presence in order to compete and stay in business. We have over twenty years of passionate experience exercising, eating healthy, and researching the industry, so building web presence is a great way to share that experience in an effort to help motivate and direct people wanting to get started with living healthy lifestyle.”

G&K Fitness Medics chose to do search marketing to reach people everywhere that are interested in exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. They want to focus on those that are passionate about health and exercise, and those that are just starting out.

“We hope to be a great website that people can get to easily for fitness and exercise instruction, whether it is for equipment, repairs, or diet and exercise tips. We hope reaching more people will lead to greater sales.”

To help them get to their goal, we like to ask how their experience with SiteWit has been so far. This helps us improve our product functionality and their overall experience. When asked about their experience, G&K Fitness Medics had the following to say,

“SiteWit has helped us to use a service that we previously had very little knowledge of. With a very user friendly interface we were walked through setting up our first campaign. We immediately noticed an increase in traffic to our website and an increase in service calls. It has greatly expanded our reach, not only with a local web presence but a nationwide web presence. The SiteWit dashboard gives us great insight into the traffic that our site is getting, where the traffic is coming from and what people are searching for in our industry. It is a service that is well worth the investment.”

Thank you G&K Fitness Medics for all your insightful feedback and for giving us a chance to learn more about your business. We are very grateful to be a part of your journey and hope we can help you reach your goal.

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Customer Highlight: Dan Mar Co.

It’s that time of the week again! Learning about our customers and getting feedback from them is great. It gives us the insight we need to constantly improve our product and their experience.

12063631_1024169984269920_2804484792224654416_nWe’d like to introduce you to Dan Mar Co., a food safety company based in Texas that utilizes certified organic direct food additives to control microorganisms and enhance food flavors.

“We provide technical validation steps, in-plant technical support and proven intervention with pathogen control in the food manufacturing industry.”

The small minority-owned business opened its doors in the year 2000 to provide food safety interventions in the industry. The company likes to make sure all business matters are handled with professionalism, integrity and the utmost discretion. Their work has resonated in the industry, and they were recognized and nominated for supplier of the year in 2011!

“At Dan Mar Co., over 80% of our suppliers are small businesses or woman-owned, with 50 employees or less. When you support Dan Mar Co., you support a certified small minority run business.”

Dan Mar Co. realized that in order to market their niche company, they had to find a marketing tool that helped them target their niche customers, such as quality control managers, in a unique way. As a result, Dan Mar Co. chose to market the business online through SiteWit. The company is looking to increase sales, get training, and assess product needs.

Thank you Dan Mar Co. for taking the time to tell us your story. We will keep working very hard to help you reach your goals!

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Customer Highlight: Affordable Antiques and Collectables

We love learning about our customers and their businesses. Getting to know them has been fantastic! We try to understand their needs and goals to find ways to ensure their success.

324498_415101671879569_518278054_oWe have the pleasure to work with Affordable Antiques and Collectables, an antique dealer that sells antiques, jewelry, and collectables to the trade and public on market stalls, antique fairs, and online.

“I have been dealing for over five years now, started it with next to nothing. I love the process of buying, researching and selling antiques. Each item is unique and has an engaging back story that is wonderful to learn about. ”

Affordable Antiques and Collectables has a beautiful collection of antiques on its online and eBay stores, and it wanted to build and expand the business in the digital age. The best way to find new customers and drive traffic to its website and stores was to advertise online.

20151006_131339“My goals are to keep attracting sellers of fresh stock to find me and, eventually, have a nice stocked shop on my website. I need to build my business first, so I need more visitors to my site before that happens.”

Affordable Antiques and Collectables is targeting potential customers who have an interest in buying or selling antiques. It has a special interest in attracting estate agencies, will and family lawyers, people needing house clearance services and people who are downsizing and wanting to get rid of items.

Thank you Affordable Antiques and Collectables for sharing your story with SiteWit, we are very grateful to be a part of your journey!

“Antiquities are… some remnants of history which have casually escaped the shipwreck of time.” – Francis Bacon

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Customer Highlight: Painting UR Way

QYjK_OkQ (1)We love getting to know our customers, getting their feedback, and helping them grow their business. They are so great that we want you to get to know them too!

We’d like you to meet Painting UR Way, a family-owned and operated business in Anaheim Hills, California, that offers a new way to relax, socialize, and explore your inner creativity with friends and family. Their artists guide you through a step-by-step process of re-creating a work of art, while you add your own stroke of individuality. The great thing is, no artistic talent or training is required.

They opened their doors for their first painting session on January 31, 2015 working with HMHB to celebrate their first session. Along with the continued and unending support of family members and friends, the matriarch of the family, Amelia Huckabee, and her three children: Jessica, Nicholes and Ondriah run the day-to day-operation of the business.

The Corona, California-based family takes great pride in bringing to Anaheim, California an amazing entertainment venue that allows its patrons creative and artistic expression.

It’s less about learning how to paint and more about relaxation, social interaction and self-expression. We provide everything: paint, aprons, canvas, as well as beverages for sale. You leave with your own work of art – without any stress or mess.

11822815_924351697624077_2444138075968226113_nPainting UR Way has just recently decided to market their business online. Although their business has been steadily growing, they want an avenue that would help them reach a wider audience of customers.

We have customers who live in the city around the block who still comment they didn’t even know we were here. We have to reach those customers to get them in the door.

Their focus is on giving their customers a relaxing and entertaining experience. They target individuals over 21 in Orange and Riverside Counties who are interested in a unique entertainment experience.

We like to gather as much feedback as we can to make sure they have the best experience. When asked about their SiteWit experience so far, Painting UR Way had the following to say:

My experience has been limited. I just added the app last week. I do like the stats screen and I am looking forward to seeing how the campaign we have going adds traffic to our website and in turn drives customers into our studio.

Thank you, Painting UR Way, for taking the time to tell us about your business. We are very grateful to have you on board and to be part of your exciting journey!

If you are in the Anaheim Hills area, don’t forget to visit them for a great painting experience!

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Customer Highlight: Love to Death

We love learning about small businesses around the world that are using SiteWit to market and grow their business online.

329739_137457683029378_804191552_oWe’d like to introduce you to Love to Death, an Australian owned Alternative Fashion and Accessories Online Retailer based in the Gold Coast, Queensland. Love to Death brings variety to the Australian fashion and accessories industry with its products from around the world. These appeal to a diverse range of fashion cultures, in pure form or in any hybrid form of these cultures, including Rockabilly, Pin-Up, Gothic, Punk, Horror, Tattoo and many more!

“Our business targets unique folk in Australia who dare to express their personalities through their appearance.”

The business started off as a retail outlet at the local marketplace, Carrara Markets, after identifying there was a need in Australia for top alternative brands from around the world. They started out with a small retail space and only a small amount of stock. Love to Death quickly outgrew their space and moved to bigger premises within the market a short time later.

“We have been trading locally on weekends since early 2012, and more recently to our online store.”

Love to Death wanted to drive traffic to their online store, and search marketing with SiteWit seemed like the perfect way to do so. Search marketing would increase the brand’s online exposure and boost their sales.

“We are marketing our company so our products can be found and enjoyed by more Australians!”

One of our goals at SiteWit is to collect feedback from our users to keep improving their experience. Check out what Love to Death had to say about their SiteWit experience:

So far we are impressed with the level of service and commitment delivered by SiteWit and we feel valued. Being provided with our own personal account manager is terrific! He has created several ads for us and enhanced our campaign with keywords to increase our website traffic as well as being available to discuss any questions about our campaign when required. We feel he really understands our marketing needs and is working with us to reach our goal!”

We wanted to thank Love to Death for taking the time to give us feedback and for telling us about their business. Love to Death has been a great addition to the SiteWit family and we will continue to work closely with them to get them to their goals!

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