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sitewit tracking code

Our Tracking Pixel Was Redesigned For Future Services/Feature Integration

Our tracking pixel is that little gem that clients install on their websites so we can track what visitors are doing on a client’s site. These analytics are based around user engagement and will let clients see different metrics based on how visitors are interacting with their site. This way, clients can see what is and isn’t working on their site and can make better decisions as to how create a better experience for the user and more profitable for themselves.

Smarter Technology Means Better Performance

SiteWit is expanding and will soon be offering new services and features such as the Trade Desk Retargeting and SiteWit Connect. The new version of the pixel was designed to work seamlessly with these new products without the need to re-install it each time a customer purchases a new service. This new version will be again be a one-time install when they open an account, make it easier for our clients to use our multiple services, and provide analytics specific to each feature.

On future posts, we will talk more in detail about the new services we will offer and how they will help create the complete marketing package for any website. If you don’t have a SiteWit account, what are you waiting for?

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Paid search negative keywords

We upgraded our rating system to intelligently mine for negative keywords

In one of our previous posts, we talked about our new keyword ratings system that will help improve your paid search campaign by refining your keyword list. Everyday, we provide you with different keywords and you rate them according to how relevant they are to your business. A 3-4 star rating meant the keyword was relevant to what you do and we would add it to your campaign, while a 1-2 star keyword told us it does not apply to your business and, in turn, would be made into a negative keyword.

Now, the system doesn’t automatically make a keyword negative just because it was rated poorly. It now uses a threshold that looks for consistencies in poorly rated keywords to detect which specific word is causing the suggested keywords to be rated poorly.

So for example, let’s say your website sells only brand name athletic jerseys from Reebok, Nike, and Adidas, but not shoes. Google or Bing might send you a visit for: Reebok shoes, which they might think is relevant to your business but it is not. As you rate these type of keywords negatively, SiteWit will find a pattern. It will learn that it is the word “shoes” that’s making it a poor keyword and will make the word “shoes” into a negative keyword. This will positively impact campaign performance by excluding multiple terms related to shoes from triggering your ads.

And on top of that, the system is smart enough to compensate for plurals. So if one of the negative keywords in your list is “shoe,” it will also prevent your ads from showing when someone uses the word “shoes.”

Now that we have a smarter system that thinks before it acts, your campaigns will perform better and bring in even more targeted and relevant searchers to your site. But we still want you to have control over your keywords. So there is a new tab that will show you what keywords the system has decided to make negative and you have to power to change whichever one back to a regular keyword.

So if you haven’t done so, start rating your keywords now! And if you’re new, sign up today at

Here is a presentation we made on how to make your paid search campaigns better. We touch on keywords, ads and landing page.

PPC Tips To Live By from

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sitewit paid search

SiteWit Introduces New Way to Engage Clients

At SiteWit, we’re here to provide you with valuable analytics and help you drive more traffic to your site through paid search. But let’s be honest, paid search can sometimes be boring stuff. So we’ve decided to add a kind of game element to our system to make it more fun. We’ve integrated with Badgeville, a gamification platform that encourages users to complete tasks within their SiteWit account, therefore keeping them engaged with our services. Our software benefits from client input and we feel this new system will give them a reason to do so.

Paid Search Game

It works in the same as unlocking an achievement or leveling up a character in a video game. Clients are given a tasks to complete within their account. This includes installing our analytics code, building/purchasing a campaign, and many other “missions.” Once they are completed, a client is awarded a certain number of points for a mission accomplished. After a certain number of points are accumulated, they are rewarded with distinctive achievements. The more achievements a client earns, the more involved they are with their account. And the more they’re involved with their account, the better it will perform.

PPC Into A Game

This is especially true if they have purchased a paid search campaign. In one of our previous posts, we talked about our new keyword ratings that allows clients to rate keyword suggestions provided by our engine. It only takes 5 minutes to rate keywords and we recommend that clients rate these keywords on a daily basis. This new gamification system will hopefully encourage our clients to do so. A client will come in and do their daily keyword ratings, be sent to the review page when they’re done, and they’ll receive an achievement that will be added to their profile! We get our clients involved, the client earns an achievement, and their campaigns will be better off for it. Everyone wins in the SiteWit game!

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Paid Search and SiteWit

We hate saying goodbye to our paid search clients.

Luckily goodbye doesn’t have to be forever! With that said, we’ve gone through and reworked our cancellation process so we can get get a better idea of why a client cancels and also make it easier for them to come back if they decide they’d like to restart their campaign.

When a client decides that they’d like to cancel their campaign, they will be sent to our new cancellation page. We now have a 10-star rating where the client can let us know how likely they are to recommend us to friends or colleagues.

Paid Search cancellation

Next, a client will be asked why they are cancelling. From a drop-down menu, they will be able to choose from multiple reasons which will give us further insight into why this campaign was not working for the client. From not receiving enough clicks to a client simply changing their website, they’re input here will help us determine the most common reasons clients cancel.

After that, they will be asked to rate on a 1-5 scale other parts of our service such as our keyword suggestions, the ease of dashboard navigability, and technical support. Finally, we have an area for the client to tell us in their own words why they are cancelling.

Paid Search cancel

Once the cancellation goes through, the client will no longer be billed for that campaign. The campaign itself will run until it uses up whatever spend is left in the account and then it is stopped.

Sometimes the reasons for cancellation might not have to do with our services at all. As it was mentioned above, a client might be changing their website or they might not be able to afford to continue the campaign at that time. We felt it was important to give our clients the option to come back without having to start from scratch. This is why we’ve now made it possible for a client to revive their campaign(s) at any time after cancellation. We simply hold the campaign within the account and with a couple of clicks they can restart the campaign and it will continue exactly from where it left off. The client is charged their predetermined monthly spend to allow the campaign to start again and billing resumes as usual.

We’ve made it simple to get out, but it’s even easier to start. Sign up at

Animac Designs

SiteWit Spotlights Animac Designs By Anne McAllister

Animac Designs
Animac Designs is an online stationary retailer owned by Anne McAllister that offers handmade stationary in Scotland. She specialized in handmade wedding invitations but also offers jewellery, cards and party invitations. Anne turned her hobby into a business because she loved designing and making cards and jewellery by hand. You can also find her work on her Yola-built website as well as at the award-winning Visitor Centre at Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute.

Anne’s separates herself from other stationary companies by making all of her products by hand giving them a much more personal and detailed touch. Her wedding invitations are all bespoke which means the buyer has total control over the fabric that is used, the features and fit, and the way the garment should be made. Therefore, Anne creates a truly one-of-a-kind product for her customers.

Anne hasn’t done any kind of marketing for her website other than to have the website address on her business cards and promotional material. When it came to online advertising, she admits it was a complete mystery to her.

SiteWit Made Paid Search Easy For Animac Designs

animac designs
Anne found SiteWit’s campaign creation process easy to navigate and its simplicity made the prospect of advertising online much less daunting. She liked how SiteWit gave her keyword suggestions based on the keywords she had initially specified. It gave her a good idea on how to approach and rate other keywords that were suggested.

“SiteWit makes online advertising simple. What more needs to be said?” – Anne McAllister.

Affordable Antiques & Collectables

SiteWit Spotlights Affordable Antiques And Collectables By Mark Dalton

Affordable Antiques and Collectables is an antiques website owned by Mark Dalton that specializes in everything antique around the Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire areas of the UK. Mark buys and sells all kinds of antiques and is happy to give out free and honest advice to whoever needs it. He started his business purely for the love of antiques and began selling them on his Yola website when he realized he had a house full of pottery that needed new homes. Mark continues to trade antiques because he finds the business to be very pleasant and interesting.

Affordable Antiques & Collectables
Mark sees himself as a new age modern dealer of the 21st century. He uses the internet to his full advantage and is in tune with the pulse of the market. He finds many dealers (especially the older ones) can be greedy and don’t price their antiques accordingly. Mark, on the other hand, slightly underprices his inventory in order to give his customers the satisfaction of knowing they really did get a bargain. And as Mark states, “Everybody loves a bargain.”

Before using SiteWit, the only kinds of marketing Mark had done for his website were word-of-mouth, giving out business cards at fairs/markets and social media connections. These have worked well for him in gaining exposure in the real world but not so much to his website.

Paid Search Through SiteWit Helps Affordable Antiques And Collectables Gain Noteriety Online

Affordable Antiques & Collectables
Now that Mark is using SiteWit, he has seen a significant increase in traffic to his website. He says that the campaign setup process was very easy which he found unusual because things like this tend to go right over his head. As he was creating his campaign, he felt that SiteWit knew what he wanted/needed out of it, the steps were easy to follow and it was tailor made to fit his business. Mark also liked how quick the process was from beginning to end.

“I realized running an online business is just like running any other business and advertising doesn’t come for free if you want to get your business seen. After doing some research on paid search, I found Sitewit. Within a week of my campaign going live, my page views have doubled and I have taken a couple of leads on the phone from people that have told me they found me in Google using keywords from my campaign. Things are only going to get better from here on out!” – Mark Dalton

Jill Alexander Designs

SiteWit Spotlights Jill Alexander Designs

Jill Alexander DesignsJill Alexander Designs is an online fashion retail store owned by Jill Alexander that offers contemporary fashion for plus size women. She specializes in dresses but also sells separates such as skirts and other accessories to offer wardrobe flexibility. Jill has been in the fashion industry her whole life but for a time it took a back seat so that she could raise a family. As her children got older, she decided to go back to school to study Fashion Design in order to reinvent her career. Things moved quickly after that and she launched her own personal line and Yola website in 2010.

Jill saw that there was a real need in the fashion world for fresh, contemporary plus-size clothing for women sizes 12 & up. Her collection is unique in that it is made entirely in the USA and it uses mostly natural fibers. She also offers lots of colors in her line and uses very little black, a unique decision since black is seen as a slimming color. Jill’s clothing is the plus size line that straight sizes want.

Before using SiteWit, Jill tried to manage a Google Adwords account in-house but found it difficult to use since no one in her small staff had much experience in paid search. Other than trying Adwords on her own, she relied primarily on social media as well as mass email marketing to get the word out about her website.

Jill Alexander Designs Gets The Most Out Of Paid Search Through SiteWit

Jill says that SiteWit was a great find because it is designed for those with limited experience. She thought the campaign creation process was easy, it used plain English as opposed to a bunch of technical jargon and it really addressed what was at the heart of her business. She was fascinated by how quickly she was able to get up and running with SiteWit and also how it works directly with Yola, her website platform.

Jill Alexander Designs

“SiteWit has freed up so much staff time in our office. They effectively manage our Adwords account, giving us weekly updates and allowing us to edit our campaign if we so desire. Using SiteWit is like having additional staff without the expense and we never have to worry that our account is not up to date.” – Jill Alexander

If you are a current SiteWit client and would like to be considered for our Client Spotlight series, please send an email to

Gemiprecious Jewellery

SiteWit Spotlights Gemiprecious Jewellery Designs by Alda Mason

Gemiprecious Jewellery Designs is an online jewellery store owned by Alda Mason that offers beautiful & unique gemstone jewellery. She makes earrings, bracelets, necklaces, custom pieces and more. Alda first started creating jewellery as a hobby that she picked up while recovering from hip surgery. The design bug bit when she was to attend an event but couldn’t find the right accessories to wear. So she decided to make her own. Alda received many compliments for her jewellery and with encouragement from family and friends, she expanded her skills. This led to the creation of her website using Yola’s Website Builder in order to sell her designs.

gemiprecious jewellery

Alda knows that the jewellery sector is quite competitive with so many talented designers and silversmiths out there. But she made sure to stand out from the crowd by creating designs that range from the classic to the fun & contemporary. She also specialized in making Chain Maille jewellery which is something you don’t see very often on other jewellery sites. She states that Chain Maille takes a long time to work into a piece so it can be quite expensive and time-consuming. But, as with all her jewellery, she only uses high quality components while keeping prices fair for her customers.

Before using SiteWit, Alda had dabbled in advertising her site through Facebook. But because of her smaller budget, she was lacking the exposure she needed and only saw a slight increase in site traffic that was really hit or miss.

Gemiprecious Sees Success in Paid Search Through SiteWit

gemiprecious chain maille

Now Alda is using SiteWit to advertise her website and she has found it works great for her smaller budget. She says SiteWit has been really easy to use and setting up her account was a breeze. She also found the interface to be quite intuitive. After looking at Google Adwords & Adsense directly, she found them to be extremely confusing and had no idea where to start. Alda is happy to have found a program that is well structured and easy to understand. She is also very happy with the customer support she has received, stating that no question was too silly and they were very patient with explaining things she did not understand.

“The ease of use of SiteWit and the helpfulness and patience of the customer support has been important for me. Since being on SiteWit, I have seen a large increase in traffic to my site, for which I am grateful. It shows that this program does work. Long may it continue. Thanks!” – Alda Mason

If you are a current SiteWit client and would like to be considered for our Client Spotlight series, please send an email to


(TAMPA, FL) SiteWit Corporation (“SiteWit”) which automates search engine marketing and website engagements for Small Business announced today that SiteWit has raised over $1,500,000 in new equity capital from investors including Stage 1 Investors (“Stage 1”) through Jon Gordon, Managing Director of Stage 1.

SiteWit provides small to medium sized businesses with tools that enable them to efficiently market their websites themselves on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Yahoo which result in higher conversion ratios of website visitors to customers and sales growth. SiteWit markets their tools exclusively thru a cadre of large hosting and software as a service partners who focus website building software and also partners who create marketplaces for the SMB market.

“I believe SiteWit has a unique opportunity to grow tremendously by helping small and medium sized businesses worldwide significantly increase revenues”, says Jon Gordon.

“We are pleased with the capital commitment and confidence expressed by Stage 1 Investors and our other recent investors,” stated Ricardo Lasa, CEO of SiteWit. “With these investments and our focus on the SME market we have the ability to become the leader in this space”.

SiteWit will use the proceeds of the round to develop distribution channels with existing partners such as Yola website builder and others. Furthermore, proceeds will be used to further develop social media and small business lead generation products.

About SiteWit
SiteWit allows thousands of Small Business owners to market their websites efficiently on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and other online platforms themselves, with no prior knowledge of online marketing required. SiteWit uses optimization technology to maximize the marketing return on investment and conversions, leading to better marketing results. SiteWit offer seamless integration with hosting and website software companies such as Yola, Endurance International, Wix, WordPress, Weebly and many others.

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