SiteWit | Engagement Marketing Software and Analytics
Is SiteWit truly FREE?
Yes. You can install our engagement metrics and begin seeing the results at no cost. You only pay if you wish to see more in-depth reports.
Do I need to buy a paid search campaign?
No. You can use our engagement metrics without the need of a paid search campaign. That being said, engagement metrics work best when used to optimize your PPC campaigns.
Is SiteWit easy to install?
Yes. All it takes is to copy and paste a short java script code to the template of your site above the closing &lt/body&gt.That’s it!
Are SiteWit Engagement Metrics Truly Unique?
Yes. We have built our engagement metrics from the ground up, using our own patent-pending analytics engine as the foundation. There are no other metrics out there like ours.
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"I would like to share how great it has been working with Karl! He always goes above and beyond to ensure our campaigns are fully optimized. I can't say enough good things about how helpful he has been with everything from keyword research to campaign management."
Jason Turner - Marketing Director, That's Us Technologies