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Happy Small Business Week!


We love small business week because it’s a great opportunity to celebrate all the small businesses that use our platform. Our goal has always been to make online marketing easier for small businesses and get them one step closer to their goal. It’s been great seeing how our users have achieved online success.

Over the years, our team has tried to help small businesses around the world by giving them a chance to:

  • Advertise on Google
    Small businesses get their website found on search engines by potential customers. They get in front of them when they are most interested, as they are searching for their offerings.
  • Advertise their business on Facebook and hundreds of major websites
    SiteWit helps businesses advertise on Facebook, CNN, ESPN, New York Times and hundreds of other websites. We generate banner ads for their business and show them in front of current and new customers. They visit their website and voila, they see the ads as they surf the web.
  • Generate leads right from their website
    Small business can offer coupons to their visitors as they enter or leave the website. It lets visitors contact them through SMS, phone, and email from every page on their website. Users can follow up with them and close more sales from their mobile phone, on the go, seamlessly.
  • Understand their website visitors
    Our unique analytics help them better understand their website visitors to make better decisions regarding their online marketing strategy. Businesses can learn where visitors are coming from, what marketing efforts are working best, and how they are interacting with their site.
  • Manage their marketing on the go
    Kliken lets businesses manage their online marketing and sales from the convenience of their mobile phone, from any where, at any time. They can keep track of their campaigns, view popular keywords, get back to leads, and schedule follow-ups on the go.

We hope we can keep helping many more small businesses in the years to come.

Cheers to all!

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