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4 Tips to Turn Leads Into Customers


Bringing people to your website via your marketing efforts is only part of the battle. There are several ways you can turn those website visitors into leads, and subsequently, into loyal customers!

Connect Fast

Just like you, your leads have busy schedules and are constantly getting exposed to new information. Over 90% of leads expect to be responded to in less than an hour, as your website and products are still fresh in their minds. Connecting with them within a few minutes can increase your chances of conversion by 30%.

Personalize the Experience

The best way to start building a relationship is to give your leads a sense of importance. Personalizing their experience can be a great way to instill this feeling in your leads. It’ll get them to choose you over a competitor, as 86% of leads choose a competitor due to a poor experience. Give them unique offers, mail them custom welcome cards, send them personalized emails… there are so many ways you can make their experience unique! Not only will you be offering excellent customer service, but you’ll start building a relationship in no time.

Emotionally Engage your Leads

Think about a time you had a positive experience with a business. What made it good? Thinking about the experience from the lead’s perspective can help you guarantee a strong relationship. Think about what kind of content, products, offers, and overall experience your lead would connect with. Once they have been emotionally engaged, they are 300% more likely to turn into customers and 44% less likely to shop around. The trick is to create a personal touch and a memorable moment.

Be Patient

Purchase decisions require some time, as there are several factors that come into play. Over 50% of buyers are highly affected by the price of a service, while others give more importance to features and specs. You have to be patient and give your leads the time they need to convert. It can sometimes take up to 11 sales attempts to close a lead.

If you are not using a lead generation tool, try SiteWit Connect to turn your visitors into leads right from your website. It’s simple!

  • Give your visitors enticing coupon offers they cannot refuse
  • Show it to them right when they are ready to buy – on-entry, after some time, and on-exit.
  • Let them contact you from any page on your website
  • Give them unique information about your business to help them find you
  • Get the leads right on your smartphone so you can connect with them right away.

Don’t miss a chance to turn your website visitors into leads. More visitors = More leads = More sales!

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