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The Digital Marketing Opportunity

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Is the world still in its infancy stage about the wonders of pay per click marketing?
In 2007 while I was working for Bing as a Small Business Advisor, I recall waiting impatiently for the results of a study Microsoft conducted to get insight why small businesses were avoiding paid search advertising Pay Per Click.


8 years later, the results are all so vividly fresh in my mind. I’m still surprised at how many small business owners are opposed to, or intimated by, a pay-per-click advertising model.



Many are perfectly content to pay commissions to their sales people for prospecting leads and closing sales, but are reluctant about paying for each click/lead that comes from digital marketing. Worse yet, they still spend thousands on traditional outbound-focused methods like direct mail or telemarketing.


Why do businesses persist on generating leads with an outdated mindset?
Because marketing on web-based platforms is so different from traditional methods.
Times have changed and the same rules don’t apply anymore. We have new platforms that didn’t exist in the past, and they have changed how consumers communicate with organizations. Most practices of the past are directly at-odds with today’s methods.

Business owners who can evolve their own thinking and acknowledge the undeniable trend of digital marketing will succeed in leading their organizations.

Understand the Search Engines’ Business Model to Control Advertising Costs:

The fear of the “leaking faucet”.

faucet3A theme I address every day is the fear of losing control over the marketing spend. To put you at ease, let’s shed some light on how search engines allocate your advertising dollars:

If you decide to set your budget to $5.00 per day ($150/month), then after your $5.00 per day maximum is reached, you are no longer listed on the search engine for that day, and your ads stop displaying. There is no rule that says you need to have a large campaign and a whopping budget for a pay per click campaign to work. Search engines will encourage you to spend more so that your ads display more frequently, but the ultimate decision about your budget lies with you. You’re usually so busy working in your business, you don’t have time to work on your business, but there is also no rule that says you should hire a PPC expert to succeed.
SiteWit offers an out-of-the-box campaign management solution with safety measures designed to put you in control of your budget

You have control over what you spend, when you spend, and how you spend. To control your media spend, decide on a daily budget. The daily budget is the dollar amount you are willing to exhaust each day on a particular campaign. Multiply the daily number by 30 to know what your maximum monthly amount will be. If you’re uncomfortable with the number, lower your daily budget to an amount that allows you to sleep soundly at night. As you gain confidence that from the return on investment , then you can increase the daily budget upward.

“I cannot afford to pay for each click”

website profits

I’m always up for a good Lewis Black-style rant. So pretend that I’m practically shouting this to you in his “I’m-about-to-have-a-stroke way”

Say you spent $280 in one month on clicks, but you made a sale of $430 that month. Looking at the big picture (no tunnel vision here), you would probably agree that the $280 was well spent since the sale is the direct result of your advertising strategy, not to mention the added value of branding your product on the marketplace by your ads displaying – and your profit is $150!



“I already tried PPC and it was a huge waste of money”
To the uninitiated, the process of using paid search can be daunting. Because hiring a PPC expert or outside agency is not an option, small businesses frequently try it on their own but they typically don’t do well because it takes time and expertise to manage PPC campaigns.

If I can leave you with any single concept, it’s that you should not be afraid of search engine marketing.

SiteWit offers a self-service basic configuration that makes it easy for new advertisers to open an account and start advertising in less than an hour. Begin with a small PPC campaign and allow yourself the opportunity to understand the basic mechanics of how the process operates. What’s more, you can stop the campaign at anytime with the click of a button.

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