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SiteWit Client Spotlight: Affordable Antiques And Collectables

Affordable Antiques & Collectables

SiteWit Spotlights Affordable Antiques And Collectables By Mark Dalton

Affordable Antiques and Collectables is an antiques website owned by Mark Dalton that specializes in everything antique around the Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire areas of the UK. Mark buys and sells all kinds of antiques and is happy to give out free and honest advice to whoever needs it. He started his business purely for the love of antiques and began selling them on his Yola website when he realized he had a house full of pottery that needed new homes. Mark continues to trade antiques because he finds the business to be very pleasant and interesting.

Affordable Antiques & Collectables
Mark sees himself as a new age modern dealer of the 21st century. He uses the internet to his full advantage and is in tune with the pulse of the market. He finds many dealers (especially the older ones) can be greedy and don’t price their antiques accordingly. Mark, on the other hand, slightly underprices his inventory in order to give his customers the satisfaction of knowing they really did get a bargain. And as Mark states, “Everybody loves a bargain.”

Before using SiteWit, the only kinds of marketing Mark had done for his website were word-of-mouth, giving out business cards at fairs/markets and social media connections. These have worked well for him in gaining exposure in the real world but not so much to his website.

Paid Search Through SiteWit Helps Affordable Antiques And Collectables Gain Noteriety Online

Affordable Antiques & Collectables
Now that Mark is using SiteWit, he has seen a significant increase in traffic to his website. He says that the campaign setup process was very easy which he found unusual because things like this tend to go right over his head. As he was creating his campaign, he felt that SiteWit knew what he wanted/needed out of it, the steps were easy to follow and it was tailor made to fit his business. Mark also liked how quick the process was from beginning to end.

“I realized running an online business is just like running any other business and advertising doesn’t come for free if you want to get your business seen. After doing some research on paid search, I found Sitewit. Within a week of my campaign going live, my page views have doubled and I have taken a couple of leads on the phone from people that have told me they found me in Google using keywords from my campaign. Things are only going to get better from here on out!” – Mark Dalton

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