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Engagement Metrics: What Are They?

Engagement Metrics - Website Analytics

Engagement metrics are the future of web analytics

As a website owner, you should be familiar with the concept of analytics. Through your analytics package you can determine bounce rates for your landing pages and keywords, visit duration, and page views plus many other things. However, these measures don’t clearly explain website engagement. What is driving long, deep visits? What about repeat visits? What is driving visitors to bookmark the website or share it through email?

These questions are much more difficult to answer, especially when it comes to adding logical conditions to user behavior. Take this question for example: How many visitors have come to the website from a webmail property on their second visit and they have also come to the website at least four times in the last 30 days?

Engagement metrics automates this process. They allow you to see what is engaging your users by utilizing a composite engagement index. There has been prior research done in the field of engagement metrics for websites and you can find a very comprehensive blog post about them here.

SiteWit has developed its own engagement index which we have called SWei. We calculate the engagement index by calculating a series of engagement measures for each visit to the website. They determine how well a user interacts with the website in this and prior visits.

The outcome is formidable. You can see your website traffic from a much more intuitive and informative perspective without having to do anything but install our tracking code. You can clearly see what keywords are driving engagement and, more importantly, which ones are wasting your marketing budget.

This is what you will be able to do with our engagement metrics automatically:

  • Find what keywords are driving the best engagement so more similar keywords can be added to your campaigns.
  • Find what keywords are not providing satisfactory engagement and pause them with one click.
  • Do ad A/B testing based on engagement.
  • Understand your SEO engagement. Find out what keywords are driving traffic to your site and are worthy of working with, since they are driving good engagement.
  • Understand what times of day and days in a week are best to run your campaigns as you will be able to see the engagement by time segment. You can use this to daypart your campaigns from the get-go.
  • Use engagement for bid optimization. Our SWei score plugs right in to our evolutionary optimization algorithms, providing a much deeper and better metric to use than clicks or even conversions.
  • Understand how many of your site visitors are researchers, fans, prospects and/or repeats. I bet you’re wondering, “I don’t know what that means?” Well, it is easier to show you than to tell you. Sign up to SiteWit for free, there is no credit card required, and see them in action on your own site.

SiteWit is very proud to be release our engagement metrics, as we believe they will provide tremendous value to any website owner.

If you are a client, please enjoy and send us any feedback or suggestions on how to make them better.

If you are not a client, go ahead and sign up to get our engagement metrics absolutely FREE.

To get started sign up at: www.SiteWit.com

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