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PPC Mistakes to Avoid

We have always been taught that we should learn from our mistakes. Those lessons usually serve us well. Unfortunately, when doing PPC, mistakes can be expensive. Below are 5 common mistakes that anyone doing PPC should avoid.

  1. Having Over-inflated expectations
  2. Let’s be real. PPC success requires a combination of good PPC research, messaging and a great landing page. Yes, it may work better than direct mail or the yellow pages but there are no guarantees. Don’t expect clicks to cost a nickel and don’t expect unrealistic conversion rates.

  3. Not having a PPC strategy
  4. PPC is not the panacea of advertising and like any other marketing effort, you should have a plan with reasonable and measurable goals.

  5. Not using ad groups properly
  6. Ad groups link related keywords with related ad copy and a related landing pages. Putting keywords that don’t match the ad copy and landing page will waste money fast.

  7. Focusing too much on the most popular keywords
  8. Popular keywords cost more money. If your budget is limited, focus on keywords with 3 or 4 words that will get you more qualified traffic and cost less money.

  9. Spending your day managing keywords and bids
  10. Changing bids a few cents up or down every day is great if you have tons of time with nothing else to do. It’s more important to know what people are doing after clicking on your ad so you know which keywords are working and which ones aren’t.

Managing PPC campaigns is not difficult, but managing them well is another story. Avoiding these 5 common mistakes will save you time and money in the long run and make your PPC success more likely.

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